Brainwave Entrainment Programs

The Brain

The human brain has been associated with man’s mental and emotional productivity. And as such researchers and scientists over a number of years have sought ways on how to improve the brain’s ability to cope up with stress, fear, and a better reaction to stimuli.

This led to the discovery of Brain entrainment programs commonly referred to as Brainwave Entrainment.

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What is Brainwave Entrainment?

These are methods that stimulate the brain to enter into a specific state by the use of light, pulsing sound, or electromagnetic field.

Brainwave entrainment allows the mind to enter into states that you might have some difficulty reaching, and allows you to experience what those states feel like.

The different categories of brain entrainment ProgramsBrainwave entrainment is administered through the following techniques

1. Music modulation; this is an audio form of brainwave entrainment where musical soundtracks are used to enhance the listening experience of a person. The beats are administered in the form of monaural beats, binaural beats, and isochronic beats.

2. Sound and Light Entrainment; this refers to the use of binaural, monaural or isochronic beats, along with glasses that are fitted with diodes which flash in time with the audio beats.

3. EEG Active Entrainment; this is the light and/ or sound entrainment which changes in relation to what’s happening in your brain at any given moment.

4. Electromagnetic Entrainment; this refers to the use of small pulsing electromagnetic patterns to jointly interact with the neurons.

Now that we’ve got a brief understanding of the Brainwave Programs we are going to put a special emphasis on one successful Brainwave entrainment program which falls under music modulation; the Holosync solution.

The Holosync is a powerful self-improvement, brain enhancement, and stress relief tool that seeks accelerate your mental, emotional and spiritual growth and aims to positively change your life.

This audio technology was developed by Bill Harris who is also the director of Centerpointe Research Institute.

Mr. Harris developed this product by taking into account the research conducted by Dr. Gerald Oster a research scientist at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York in October (1973), he then went on and combined Oster’s research with another research from the world-famous Menniger clinic.

Through the study and the implementation of these two types of research, he was able to create the Holosync audio technology.

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This powerful audio technology seeks to;· Eliminate stress from your life.· Boosts your mental powers.· Enables you to meditate deeply.

  • Naturally and safely stimulates the production of brain chemicals that dramatically slows aging and increases longevity.
  • Eliminates dysfunctional feelings.· Improves your happiness and inner peace.


This audio technology works by taking advantage of our brain’s natural ability to adapt to different body changes i.e. different energy levels, moods, and intelligence to accelerate our emotional, mental, and spiritual growth and positively change our lives.

Analysis of results has been carried out by Centerpointeon participants of the program and the response has been positive i.e. Centerpointe Research Institute has reported that majority of the participants have stated that the use of Holosync has enabled them to have more freedom of expression, have a greater sense of relaxation and they are more stress free.



According to science, everybody has an emotional threshold, implying that each individual has an intensity threshold that must be exceeded for him or her to exhibit a certain reaction or condition.

Once the threshold has been surpassed, a person starts to become uncomfortable and uneasy or to some extent overwhelmed.

Having a lower threshold causes a person to suffer and display uncomfortable feelings and behavior more often.

Whenever our thresholds are surpassed, the body deals with the above feelings by the use of one or more coping mechanisms which include anger, anxiety, sadness, depression, substance abuse and overeating just but to mention a few.

Therefore in such circumstances, Holosync provides the brain with a stimulus that pushes the threshold higher enabling us to deal with such events in a more peaceful and composed manner.



The nerve cells in the brain communicate with each other through the generation of electric impulses that fluctuate rhythmically in unique and distinctive patterns called the brain wave patterns.

These patterns are highly correlated with our thoughts, emotions, and the general state of being including the functioning of the various systems in our bodies.

Among these brainwaves are 4 categories which include the Beta, Alpha, Theta and the Delta brainwaves.

The Beta brainwaves are responsible for cognition, arousal, alertness, and concentration. The Alpha brainwaves are responsible for meditation and relaxation. The Theta brainwaves are responsible for learning, memory and potential changes in behavior. The brain patterns are at their highest when at Beta level; it’s at this stage that a person becomes anxious.

When one becomes more relaxed, the brain wave activity slows to the Alpha brainwave pattern; it’s at this state that a person is in deep relaxation.

Moreover, when one reads a good book or watches an interesting play, the brainwaves are usually at the level of Alpha.

During this stage, a person is able to learn, process and store information quickly and efficiently.

Slower still lies the Theta waves; this brainwave stage is associated with increased creativity, improved memory abilities, and visionary integrative experiences.

Finally, the slowest Wave pattern is the Delta brainwave pattern, at this stage, the brain is associated with dreamless sleep.

It’s at this brain pattern that the brain releases beneficial substances such as the human growth hormone. Listening to Holosync puts our bodies into a waking delta state where we experience the most beneficial changes.

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What’s the Holosync Meditation, and what benefits does it offer?

In order to fully benefit from a normal meditation, one needs to put in a lot of effort, dedication, and commitment.

Those who fully benefit from such meditations are the ones who’ve meditated for many hours a day and for a longer period of time which may spin for up to 30 years.

So is there a way that a person can meditate for short period of time and achieve maximum results? It’s for such reason that Centerpointe Research Institute came up with the Holosync Meditation.

Holosync meditation gives you instant meditation. This kind of meditation introduces you to a world of deep meditative states which causes enormous changes in the brain. Holosync meditation gives your nervous system more input that is of a precise nature.

The brain responds to this kind of meditation by creating new neural pathways and tremendously increases the communication between the left and right hemispheres creating phenomena called the whole brain function.

Whole brain functioning allows your brain to fully use the left and right hemisphere instead of only using one hemisphere. Such usage of both hemispheres is what leads to the presence of Geniuses.

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As stated earlier brainwave entrainment programs are administered through the following techniques;

  • music modulation;
  • sound and light entrainment;
  • EEG Active Entrainment;
  • and through Electromagnetic Entrainment.

However,there are two major types of brain entrainment programs, that’s the Audio entrainment and the visual entrainment.

Audio entrainment uses different sounds to manipulate brainwaves whereas the visual entrainment maximizes the usage of light to manipulate brainwaves.

Audio brainwave entrainment uses distinct sound frequencies to enhance various brainwaves.

Auditory entrainment involves isochronic beats, binaural tones, and monaural tones to elicit a neurological effect.

Visual brainwave entrainment is considered as a productive method of brainwave entrainment. Its visual forms are classified as photic stimulation.

The whole process involves a person wearing goggles or glasses that flashes different lights at distinct intervals in order to reorganize the level of the brain.

Electromagnetic entrainment is concerned more about electromagnetic stimulation. The process involves the use of gadgets that use pulsation from electromagnetic to change the electrical activity of the brain.


Brain Entrainment programs seek to improve our mental and emotional health maximizing the brain’s productivity.

The main categories of brain entrainment are the Audio entrainment and the visual entrainment.

The Holosync solution has so far proved to be a valuable audio brain entrainment program which seeks to promote mind development and enhance personal growth