Centerpointe Holosync & Bill Harris Revealed

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What Is Centerpointe Research Institute?

Created in 1989 by Bill Harris, Centerpointe Reserach Institute uses  Holosync as forms of alternative treatments for a variety of ailments that are physical, mental, and emotional.

Based upon the theory that sounds can alter how the mind functions and even its overall state, the original concept of Holosync meditation dates back to 1973 with the research of Dr. Gerald Oster.
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How does Holosync work?

Dr. Gerald Oster theorized that the brain was susceptible to alteration by sound waves as the brain functions with electrical wave impulses and patterns.

When consonant sounds are introduced to the brain, it can result in a state of meditation where individuals can actually experience enhanced concentration, creativity, and the possibility for super-learning or stronger focus.


Who Is Bill Harris?

Creator of Centerpointe, Bill Harris has a varied background of studies and experience that have all gone into the approach towards alternative, meditative therapy.

Harris is a graduate of Portland State University, and the University of Portland with enhanced studies in music at Berklee College of Music.

He is a composer who worked closely with both Tomas Svoboda and Salvador Brotons—both world-renowned composers from Czech and Spain respectively.

Harris began his studies into the effects of sound waves on the brain through the Nuero Linguistic Program where he has a certificate.

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Truth About Centerpointe and Bill Harris

Harris’s methodologies at Centerpointe Research have received both criticism and praise.

While some feel that the program is another scam trying to earn money through false means, others have found the program successful and have benefited greatly.

Those who argue against the program and its benefits are opposed to the theory of binaural beats.

One of the foundational concepts of the program is that binaural beats are actually specific tones that cause the neurons in the brain to fire and can potentially increase focus, understanding, and mental capabilities.

Binaural Beats

Scientists and neurologists argue that the concept of binaural beats is individual to each person, and therefore, there cannot be a standardized set of binaural beats.

There are several customers who have used the system and had benefits that attest to the program’s ability to be both therapeutic and have positive side effects.

Within the institutes own research page is the story of a young woman who had frequent panic attacks.

After only 18 months in the program, she not only stopped having panic attacks but reported an overall improvement in mental and physical health as well as the ability to better control her emotions.

Find Out More before purchasing the program, potential clients can opt to download a free demo and the free book which details the program and discusses potential outcomes after the treatment.

The full Centerpointe Holosync program has many positive reviews and can be purchased either via digital download, with physical CDs, or with a combination of both.

The digital download is accessed through the company’s website and comes in an MP3 format.

The boxed set of CDs are delivered through expedient shipping. The  combination of both has the client begin the program through the MP3s until the CDs are delivered.

The institute also offers the possibility of installment plans in two month payments.

All orders come with the CDs, access to the complete online system with online books, support letters by Harris, and extra bonuses. The program offers a 100% 1-year money back guarantee.

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  1. I got a lot of positive results from using Holosync but i’ve read that some people find the later sessions to be very difficult to listen to.

    1. I think that is the point of it tbh. The tracks are designed to cause disruptions in the subconscious mind to come to the conscious surface to be dissolved. So, some discomfort is to be expected. I experienced this myself but coming out on the other side makes it worth it.

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