The Truth About Holosync


The History of Meditation

For hundreds of years, humanity has known that sound waves have an effect on the brain. Monks in Tibet and other parts of the Orient hum specific frequencies of sounds so as to calm their minds and eventually reach enlightenment.

While this takes decades to achieve, modern technology has harnessed these sound waves and made them available to everyone in form of digital meditation programs.

An excellent example of such is Holosync. This is a program which uses sound waves that are known as binaural beats to train the brain. The program was developed by Bill Harris.

Today, he runs the Centerpointe Research Institute as a director. Here is The Truth About Holosync.


What is Holoysnc?

Holosync meditation is where you clear your mind and listen to a Holosync CD or mp3.

Upon doing so, you immediately begin to meditate on a very deep level.

According to the developer of this technology, you can meditate even deeper than a Tibetan monk in minutes. Holosync plays you some binaural beats which take your brain waves into alpha and theta states.

According to research performed during the development of Holosync, these states are similar to those achieved by monks during deep meditation.

After listening to Holosync regularly, you can begin to enjoy some special benefits.

Benefits of this program

After you begin to use Holosync, you can begin to enjoy specific benefits such as more success and prosperity in your life. You can also get rid of stress permanently and gain inner peace that is permanent and unshakable.

Your spiritual connections become stronger and you get rid of limitations which are self-imposed. Listening to Holosync regularly also increases your motivation and self-confidence.

As a result of using the Centerpointe holosync program, you also get to enjoy better quality relationships, heal any emotional trauma which you could have and get rid of anger too.

Holosync can heal depression, increase your clarity on a mental level and get rid of the causes of chronic disease. The program delivers binaural beats of different frequencies hence producing these unique positive results.

According to its creator Bill Harris, Holosync is being used by more than 2.2 million people all over the world.

The developer of Holosync provides samples for you to listen to in their website.

Furthermore, the program delivers results soon after you begin to listen to it.

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Structure of the audio

Holosync is made up of binaural beats placed slightly beneath some soothing music. You can simply pop the CD into your home system, car or portable player and listen using headphones.

This will immediately usher you into a meditative state.

Centerpointe ensures that Holosync is safe to use. Interestingly, it delivers positive results while reducing the need to sleep or rest.

As such, you can enjoy a higher quality existence for longer hours during your day.


After gaining knowledge and inspiration from a research paper published in the Scientific American in October 1973 by Dr. Gerald Oster, Bill Harris began to research binaural beats.

He developed Holosync and it is now available to you for only $179. You also get to enjoy a free money-back guarantee on the program.

The Truth About Holosync is that it is an investment that can change your life for the better.

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